Introducing Care & Extra Care

A new approach to healthcare choices in the UK 

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Helping you leave your medical worries behind.

Because you want to get back to enjoying life again

Having worries or concerns about your health can be difficult. It can be hard to gain access to healthcare professionals at a time and place that is convenient for you. At ESMI, we put our customers first and continuously look for ways to enhance our customers healthcare journey. For this reason, we are proud to bring you an exciting new offering.

A unique and affordable nurse- led case management and support service, offering you guidance and support when needing help with a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan from your GP, Specialist Consultant and other health service providers, across all levels of care.

A choice of two levels of care


Nurse-led medical case management service


Benefit from affordable private medical care

When a member needs medical treatment or a consultation, they simply phone Patient Advocate and speak to a member of the Patient Services team 

The product is provided by Patient Advocate, an insurer who collaboratively works with all organisations and healthcare providers to create a bridge between public and private health services, giving individuals greater healthcare choices.

By putting the patient first, their objective is to ensure members are seen promptly and appropriately restored to their best health.