Save 5% forever on your ESMI personal insurance.

Congratulations on starting a family! It’s without a doubt the most rewarding thing you can do in life. 

However, you’re no longer responsible for only yourself, so it is incredibly important to consider personal insurance to protect your child and family. 

Life Cover – lessen the blow of your death to your family

Sick Pay Cover – protect your family’s income in times of work absence

Life & Critical Cover – financial protection from death and 8 serious illnesses

You’ll also get over 1,200 loyalty rewards to help your money go further now you have a little one. The average user saves £400 a year, so you could even save more than your insurance costs!

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Benefits of ESMI protection insurances

Financial Strength

Our policies are backed by some of the biggest names in Insurance; AmTrust at Lloyds an AmTrust Financial company, and Canopius.


No medicals or medical questions

Most insurers ask you for endless medical information, to speak with your GP, or even to have a medical exam. We require none of this to provide your cover.


Guaranteed Acceptance

We guarantee to accept you instantly online for all of our products so long as you meet the location and age requirements for eligibility.

No price increases for bad personal or family medical history

You’ll never pay more with us if you or one of your family has a bad health record. Everyone pays purely based upon their age and benefit (sometimes smoking too).

Life Insurance with 5% off forever

Life insurance can give your family great peace of mind. The cost of your funeral won’t be a worry, any outstanding debts can be paid, and the benefit gives them breathing space to let them grieve properly. 

Do you like the thought of your partner returning to work the week or two after you pass, out of financial necessity, while they are still deep in bereavement?

Or the thought of your partner needing to borrow money to pay for your funeral or debts? We thought not. 

At ESMI, we guarantee to accept you for cover up to £100K instantly online with no long forms to complete.

Critical Illness Cover with 5% off forever

Since the creation of life insurance, advances in medicine mean that most major illnesses are no longer fatal. So, life insurance alone isn’t always enough. Often, you may be in greater need of a payout when you’re alive, rather than when you pass.

It covers you financially if you can’t work, pays for frequent trips to the hospital (think Dialysis etc), or even in some cases pays for necessary home modifications to help you cope with the new state of your health.

ESMI life and critical cover allows you to claim 50% of your life insurance early to help out. Besides, why pay the premium if you would never be around to enjoy any of the benefits?

Sick Pay Insurance with 5% off forever

SSP is only £92.05 a week, which in almost all cases wouldn’t get close to supporting your family’s financial needs. This can lead to serious hardship. 

Several months out of work can really put a dent into finances and can set you back for quite some time. Would £368 a month (4 x £92.05) be enough to cover your family’s needs? We thought not. 

ESMI Sick pay replaces your monthly income up to £2,000, for 6 months, to help mitigate this worry.

You're In Safe Hands

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How does dencover dental insurance work?


1. See your dentist

Visit any UK dentist, make payment for your treatment and ask them for an itemised receipt. 

2. Login & upload

Login to dencovers online member portal and upload a copy of your itemised receipt.

3. Decision & payment

Once your claim is approved dencover will confirm by email and reimbursements can be made directly into your bank account. 

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