CARE: Nurse-led medical case management service. 

Helping you get the most out of the fantastic health service the UK has to offer. 

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‘Care’ is the core service that provides dedicated nurse-led case management for the uninsured or insured.

A nurse case manager will help arrange consultations, diagnostic procedures and treatment options available through the NHS and, for conditions that are eligible, within private hospitals but paid for by the NHS.
When a member needs medical treatment or a consultation, they simply phone Patient Advocate and speak to a member of the Patient Services team 

Following an initial consultation with your GP, you may require referral to a secondary care consultant for further diagnostics and assessment to determine treatment.

When this happens, you would contact Patient Advocate and a nurse case manager would then liaise with your healthcare team to optimise and expedite treatment options as far as possible.

A plan of care will be developed to support the right care, at the right time in the right place. Your nurse case manager will support you and engage with you throughout your healthcare journey.

If you need to go to hospital to see a specialist, you have the right to choose which hospital you are referred by your GP.

This legal right lets you select from any hospital offering a suitable treatment that meets NHS standards and costs.

You also have the right to elect which consultant-led team, or clinically appropriate team led by a named healthcare professional, will be in charge of your treatment for your first appointment at the hospital. You will be seen by the consultant or by a doctor who works with the consultant in their team.

Not only does Patient Advocate help you access all the benefits of NHS e-Referral Service and the national NHS framework, and, where subject to NHS eligibility, you may also receive treatment in a private hospital, paid for by the NHS.

If you are insured Patient Advocate case managers can research and provide you with information in regards to your options, choices of consultants, hospitals and care packages and can make the necessary arrangements should you wish to be treated privately. Patient Advocate work in conjunction with all nationwide private hospitals.

Stroke case 

A female patient, in her 50’s been with her company for many years as a senior administrator. Had an extensive stroke at home and was admitted via A&E during the middle of the coronavirus lockdown. As she had private medical insurance, her husband had called the provider to ask what support would be available and ask some key questions about onward support for his wife. He was informed about a cash benefit but that there was nothing else they could do. He was frustrated by this response and having nobody to support the family during this time he reached out to his wife’s employer for help.

Referral to Patient Advocate for CARE support, led to the patient being allocated to a PA dedicated case manager. Contact was made with her husband and full details of her case to date, current issues, stressors and questions where all addressed over the course of several calls due to the distressing nature of their content.

The case manager contacted the ward, the discharge liaison team and several alternative care providers to establish possible onward placements. The added complication of a positive COVID-19 test was also a very significant element that was creating anxiety and impacting placement possibilities.

A key issue and stressor for the family was the lack of involvement in care planning and general communication with the healthcare team looking after the female patient.

This was explicitly discussed with the ward staff and the Discharge Liaison team as a potential area for change to support a smooth transition to an intermediate care facility. All aspects of onward care where explained to the family by the case manager with preparation for a call with the ward staff to ask pressing questions and get some clarity.

Following this intervention, a call was received by female patient’s husband from the consultant in charge of his wife’s care. An apology for lack of communication and a full and frank explanation of the plan that was being considered was given, along with a request for input from the family and a sense of inclusion, informed choice and positive emotional connections restored.

 Links to the intermediate care team were also established and central to the case being managed was a practical approach for a distressed and anxious family unit. Reassurance and positive positioning of next steps have enabled a family to become fully prepared for the supported return home of female patient – two weeks after the case was referred.

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The product is provided by Patient Advocate, an insurer who collaboratively works with all organisations and healthcare providers to create a bridge between public and private health services, giving individuals greater healthcare choices.

By putting the patient first, their objective is to ensure members are seen promptly and appropriately restored to their best health.