EXTRA CARE: Thinking differently about healthcare choices

It’s time to think differently about our healthcare choices in the UK. EXTRA CARE helps you manage your medical care and reduce your wait time through a personal Nurse-Led case manager. 

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Benefitting from affordable private medical care

‘Extra Care’ is an upgrade on the ‘Care’ offering. It is not only designed to guide and support you through your healthcare journey, but to also help you avoid lengthy waiting times, enabling you to restore your health as quick as possible.

For individuals who cannot afford private medical insurance, this product is an alternative, cost effective solution offering NHS and private care.

When a member needs medical treatment or a consultation, they simply phone Patient Advocate and speak to a member of the Patient Services team 

When a member needs a medical consultation or treatment, they simply phone Patient Advocate, speak to a member of the Patient Services Team, who will check eligibility and, following consent, liaise with the healthcare team to optimise and expedite treatment options.

In collaboration with the member and the healthcare team, a nurse case manager will make the necessary arrangements to implement the treatment pathway, including appointments at the preferred hospital, clinic or department.

The nurse case manager will ensure members have the appropriate information and instruction prior to any procedure, consultation, diagnostic intervention or hospital admission, allowing for a streamlined, cohesive, planned approach to the treatment pathway.

There is an exclusion for any treatment that arises out of any medical condition that existed (including treatment, monitoring, referral, consultations or whilst undergoing tests) in the 2-year period prior to the start date of your policy.

This exclusion will not apply if you remain symptom-free and do not seek treatment or medical advice for a continuous period of 24 months.

In the event that the member or their dependants are not eligible for a private consultations and/or diagnostic tests during the intervening period, all consultation(s) and diagnostic tests will be managed by the Patient Advocate nurse led case management team through the NHS environment.

For individuals transferring from another medical insurer, with no break in cover, we will transfer on “no worst terms basis”.

Any personal exclusions imposed by a previous provider will be applied to the new Patient Advocate Healthcare Plan.

However, as per the benefits of this plan, we will source treatment via the NHS for any condition that may get excluded privately, should the required treatment be available on the NHS.

All conditions, including chronic, acute and long term, are fully covered within the scope of this policy, but treated only within an NHS environment in NHS Centres of Excellence, such as cancer, cardiac, major organ and complex musculoskeletal.

Use of private treatment for these conditions is outside the scope of this service.

However, while all other routine treatments are fully covered privately, we reserve the right to decline those requests that are deemed to be of a non-medical necessity, cosmetic or a condition that requires long term care.

For full information please see the policy document.

Cardiac case

Patient had initial consultations and diagnostics with orthopedic surgeon where results showed chest pain was cardiac in origin.

Was subsequently referred to private cardiologist via EXTRA CARE, was booked in for an elective private angioplasty & after being informed of the costings involved and with his EXTRA CARE conditions highlighted in terms of no cover of treatment, was subsequently transferred via his consultant to his NHS waiting list to have his procedure carried out.

The timeframe was deemed clinically appropriate by the consultant, however the Patient dismissed this and was adamant to have his procedure done as soon as was possible.

The Case Manager was able to explore both private and expedited NHS options with the same consultant. All efforts were made to find alternative routes within the NHS.

Patient was eager to have procedure expedited on the NHS but his consultant deemed this clinically unnecessary & advised the only way a patient will be seen sooner is if he changed the list priority or deems a patient ‘urgent’ which in this situation, was not the case so he continued medication in the interim until having successful Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.

Patient elected to self-pay for the initial Percutaneous Coronary Intervention and was facilitated to obtain a spot price and appointment for the procedure. Once successfully carried out the patient attended NHS cardiac rehabilitation and was required to have a further Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, which was planned and undertaken within an NHS hospital.

During the course of the pathway the patient received nurse support to understand the condition, interventions and importantly, medication. Initial concerns had led to the patient being noncompliant with their medication due to anxiety caused by lack of understanding about how the medication worked, side effects and consequences of not taking it. Additionally, reassurance at every stage was given as this was a very anxious individual with a young family and significant questions about their treatment choices.

The product is provided by Patient Advocate, an insurer who collaboratively works with all organisations and healthcare providers to create a bridge between public and private health services, giving individuals greater healthcare choices.

By putting the patient first, their objective is to ensure members are seen promptly and appropriately restored to their best health.