Life and Critical claims


If you wish to put in a claim for a death benefit, then please click here for our Life Insurance Claims Info. We are very sorry to hear that an insured person has passed away. Our condolences.

If you are looking to claim for critical illness, we are very sorry to hear that you are unwell. Please see below for all in the information you need to put in your claim.



1. Firstly to help us make the process as smooth as possible for you, please ensure that you have;

  • Your ESMI policy number.
  • Made contact with ESMI (0330 123 10 30 or info@getesmi.co.uk) to check that your policy is still live.

2. Making your critical claim

  • Please telephone the claims team at compass underwriting on 0800 032 7775 to quickly discuss the aspects of your claim. We ask you to do this to make sure the condition is not excluded under this insurance and you are eligible to proceed.
  • Please then download and complete the Critical Illness claims form and send it to Compass Underwriting Ltd, Claims Department, 50 Mark Lane, London, EC3R 7QR. (we always recommend that you send documents by recorded delivery)

3) What happens now?

Once we have received all of our initial requirements we will then obtain details of your medical history and treatment from your GP and or consultant.

Then, within 10 working days, we will;

  • Inform you if your claim is successful and when you should expect to receive your payout. Usually payouts are made within the 10 working days stated above.
  • If your claim was unsuccessful, we will advise you of any further information we need to process the claim, or let you know the reasons why your claim has been unsuccessful.

If you haven’t heard back from us, or you would like some help from a member of the claims team then please contact us on: 0800 032 77 75.