Simple Guaranteed Acceptance Life Cover 

  • Cover from day one up to £100,000, in less than 5 minutes.
  • Your price is guaranteed to be fixed for the first 5 years.
  • Guaranteed acceptance for ages 18-50 in the UK.  
  • No medical or lifestyle questions.

From only £5.09 a month.

Benefits of ESMI's Straightforward Life Insurance

Financial strength

We distribute our life cover in partnership with IOMA Group,  who have had a long lasting reputation of bringing innovative products to the market since 1971. 


No medical exam or medical questions

Many insurers ask you lengthy medical questions, want to speak with your GP, and ask you to undergo a medical exam. We don't ask for any of this with our insurance.


Guaranteed acceptance

We guarantee to accept you instantly online if you are age 18-50 and live in the United Kingdom. It’s that simple with ESMI.

Full and instant cover from day one

There are no waiting periods with ESMI. You are covered for the full amount as soon as your policy start date is active.

You're In Safe Hands

We’ve provided cover for over 5,000 people just like you!

What Is Life Insurance and How Could Life Insurance Benefit You?

Life Insurance is an affordable way to help financially protect your loved ones. It pays out a cash lump sum to your chosen beneficiaries to help them cover any routine or unforeseen expenses when you die.

The average funeral cost in the UK is £4,271 on it’s own, without any unpaid debts, mortgages and other financial commitments you might leave behind. Having cover in place can help lessen the burden during this most distressing of life events.

At ESMI, we provide full cover after the policy start date. In the event of your death we endeavour to come back to your family with a decision on their claim within 10 working days to help them get back on their feet financially as soon as possible.

If you’re not convinced that a Life Insurance policy is worth considering, read these stats.

ESMI Life Cover Explained

How does ESMI insurance cover work imageSo, how does ESMI Life Cover work?


  • The cover is for ages 18 to 50 who permanently reside in the UK.
  • You will be covered from day one at the policy start date.
  • Choose between benefits of £25,000, £50,000, £75,000, and £100,000.
  • The cover renews every 5 years.
  • Your price and cover amount will not change between renewal periods.
  • You can add a partner to your policy.
  • You may also add your children for 10% extra premium. This 10% includes 4 children with benefits of £5,000.
  • The maximum age of this policy is 68 years old, but, we will not close your cover mid-way through the 5-year term, even if you are 68. So, if your previous renewal age was 67, then you will keep your cover until you next renew at age 72. If your previous renewal was at age 63, then your cover will end at the next renewal as you will now be 68.

What happens if I have a pre-existing condition, will you accept me?


Yes, we will accept you for cover.

However, there is an exclusion for any claim that arises out of any medical condition that existed (including treatment, monitoring, referral, consultations or whilst undergoing tests) in the 3-year period prior to the start date of your policy.

This exclusion will not apply if you remain symptom-free and do not seek treatment or medical advice for a continuous period of 24 months.

If the cause of your death is not deemed related to your condition during the claims process then your benefit will, of course, be paid. 

Want to know more about how this affects you? Click here to contact us.



The professional claims team at Compass Underwriting have you covered. Since 1986 they’ve been one of the UK’s leading independent accident & health underwriting agencies, serving over 250,000 customers in that time.

We understand how important your claims are, so we always do our absolute best to get them resolved quickly.

Once we have received all of our initial requirements we endeavour to respond to all claims within 10 working days to help your family get back on their feet as soon as possible



We will not pay for any death claims caused directly or indirectly by:

i) suicide, attempted suicide or deliberate self-inflicted injury, regardless of the state of your medical health.

ii) as a result of alcohol or solvent abuse, or the taking of drugs except under the direction of a registered medical practitioner.

iii) nuclear contamination, biological contamination or chemical contamination, war (whether declared or not), an act of foreign enemy, invasion, civil war, riot, rebellion, insurrection, revolution, an overthrow of a legally constituted Government, explosions of war weapons or any event similar to one of those listed.

Please view the policy document for full information on exclusions.



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Still Need Some Convincing?


"It’s not that urgent. I’m young and healthy."

A parent of children aged 0-18 dies every 22 minutes in the UK. This equates to around 111 children every day.

Read more about the impact of child bereavement


"Why would I insure my child?"

10,133 babies, children and people up to the age of 25 died in 2015* That’s 28 every day.

Read more about the impact of child bereavement


"My family will be fine, I don’t need cover."

£4,271 is the average funeral cost in the UK and the average debt of a UK household is  £15,385. Even if you have savings, this is a lot to burden your family with at an already difficult time.


"Life insurance is too expensive."

Not true! Our cheapest cover is half the price of a monthly Spotify subscription (£5.09 vs. £9.99), and only 30p more than a medium big mac meal from Mcdonalds (£4.79).

Buy straightforward Life Cover online from ESMI in less than 5 minutes.