Sick Pay Claims

We are very sorry to hear that you are unwell, injured, or have suffered from a loss of income. ​

Please accept our sincerest condolences.​

Please see below to discover the next steps to take.



1) To help us make the process as smooth as possible for you, please ensure that you have;​

  • Your ESMI policy number.
  • Contacted ESMI (0330 123 10 30 or info@getesmi.co.uk) to check that your policy is still live.


2) Making your Sick Pay claim.

  • Please phone the claims team at Compass on 0800 032 7775 to quickly discuss the aspects of your claim to make sure the health condition/event, which has led to a loss of income, is covered under this insurance and you are eligible to proceed.
  • Next, please then download, read, and complete the Sick Pay Claim Form
  • Then send it along with the required documents, outlined in the claim form, to: Compass Underwriting Ltd, Claims Department, 30 Dukes Place, London, EC3A 7LP, United Kingdom. We always recommend that you send documents by recorded delivery.


3) What happens now?

1. Once we have received all of our initial requirements we will obtain a copy of your medical records from your GP, as per your signed permission.

2. We will also write to your employer to confirm your employment and the date you were signed off work.

3. Then we will assess your claim and advise you within 10 working days;

4. If you can proceed with your claim.


1. Of any further information we require to assess your claim

2. If we are unable to process the claim and why.

4. We will then take your date of loss of income and apply the relevant waiting period (as detailed in your certificate of insurance) from the date your GP signed you off work.

5. If you are eligible for your claim we will make contact with you, and then pay you monthly in arrears for your claim – usually within 10 working days of us receiving a fully completed continuation claims form (which we will provide you).

If you haven’t heard back from us, or you would like some help from a member of the claims team then please contact us on: 0800 032 77 75.

Thank you.